September 24, 2023
The death of Jose Leoncio in the Pantanal?  Learn the ending pawn in the first version of TV news

The death of Jose Leoncio in the Pantanal? Learn the ending pawn in the first version of TV news

If the remake of Globo follows the original texts of Benedetto Roy Barbosa, then the fate of Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera) has already been traced in wet land. In the first version of the telenovela, shown by the extinct Manchetti (1983-1999), he played the pawn Claudio Marzo (1940-2015) and suffered a heart attack in the final act. At the time of death, the shepherd finally finds Velho do Rio (Cláudio Marzo / Osmar Prado), finds out what happened to the patriarch of Leôncios and takes the position of protector of the biome.

trend is that feuilleton adapted by Bruno Luperi Keep the ending shown in 1990, but there is also the possibility for the author to change some details of the story created by the grandfather.

In the last part of the 1990 novel, Jose Leoncio He settled with the three children and left the work in the hands hollow (Marcus Winter/Jesuta Barbosa), Thaddeus (Marcos Palmera / Jose Loreto) and Jose Lucas (Paulo Gorgolo / Erander Santos).

As the farmer assumed the relationship with Asylum (Josara Freire / Dera Paes) and married a housewife. However, shortly after the ceremony, the “Cattle King” felt a pain in his chest and felt ill. He was eventually found dead by a former prostitute.

I received the spirit of cattle in the afterlife before old man from the riverWhich ends with revealing what happened to old Joventino. After getting deeper into the forest, the patriarch of Leôncios was bitten by a snake and died. But the citizen’s body disappeared when the old man who was protecting the Pantanal was enchanted.

After years like The vigil of the biome and the inhabitants of the area, the anaconda man He handed the baton to Jose Loncio, who took over the new position of Velho do Rio.

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