July 20, 2024

“The decision has already been made”; Leila “appears” and makes a last-minute decision in Palmeiras about hiring Mauricio

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“The decision has already been made”;  Leila “appears” and makes a last-minute decision in Palmeiras about hiring Mauricio
“The decision has already been made”;  Leila “appears” and makes a last-minute decision in Palmeiras about hiring Mauricio

Palm trees

Midfielder is valued in the ball market. The transfer window closes next Tuesday (4)

Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF
Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF

a Palm trees Very close to announcing the signing of striker Artur. Bragança Paulista has already submitted a request to terminate Artur’s employment. The agreement between Verdão and RB Bragantino was made last Wednesday night (27). To confirm the player’s purchase, Leila Pereira and Anderson Barros agreed to Massa Prota’s counterproposal, which was supposed to receive about R$ 45 million and R$ 11.5 million in bonuses and goals if the professional won trophies in Verdau, that is, was called up to the Brazilian national team.

Once Artur is announced, the striker will be Verdau’s second signing of the season. Richard Rios was the first to be announced. It was announced last Tuesday (28) that the midfielder, Leila and Barros, would disburse about 6 million Brazilian riyals in return for 60% of the economic rights of the midfielder, who was also in the goal of Internacional and Corinthians. Palestra still dreams of more reinforcements, but the trend is that no one will come now, because the window is drawing to a close. There is a possibility that the new athletes will arrive on July 2nd, when the Brazilian team market will reopen.

Who even mentioned his name in the current Brazilian champion was Mauricio. Earlier this week, reporter Thiago Fernandez, from Goal. com, the information that the midfielder’s name was on Palmeiras’ agenda and that Verdao could try to recruit the midfielder to replace Gustavo Scarpa, who left Club Paulista to play for Nottingham Forest in England. However, according to the interviewer, the current Brazilian champion has yet to make an offer for the starting point guard. Remember, the transfer window runs until next Tuesday (4 April).

Leila Pereira will not bring Mauricio to Palmeiras. Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras

However, according to journalist Jorge Nicolas, the international He is not interested in selling the player, nor is Palmeiras in contracting with the athlete. According to the interviewer, Alveverde’s captains assured him that Verdão had made no proposal to attempt closure with the shipowner: “It’s a coach thing. We’re not talking about Mauricio here in this transfer window and we’re not looking for a replacement for Gustavo Scarpa.”he finished.

To sell Mauricio, Internacional required at least R$50 million for the player. Colorado only has 50% of the athletes. Gauchos is also not interested in releasing the base for a top competitor in Brazilian football. Recently, Verdau’s arch-rivals Corinthians sought more information about the midfielder’s values ​​and were stunned by the Gaucho club’s request. In January, RB Bragantino officially drafted a proposal of R$55 million, but it was rejected by Colorado’s top leadership at the time.

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