January 29, 2023
The Deolane sisters are trying to get a pawn from reality

The Deolane sisters are trying to get a pawn from reality

The Deolane Bezerra sisters went to Itaperica da Serra to try to get the biwa out of the “farm 2022” (RecordTV).

Diane wrote a series of stories on her Instagram showing the movement trying to get the lawyer out of jail. “We had about 10 minutes at the farmhouse door, and we came to get Deulan out of that shelter. We’re here waiting for someone in charge to come,” she said on Instagram.

The lawyer’s team set off fireworks as a means of attracting attention. Even pedestrians can hear the noise and They joked that it would be in honor of Andrei’s birthday🇧🇷 “We’re setting off fireworks, yeah, to get attention. Nobody shows up, and we want Diane out of here right now,” said Dayan, who described the reality as a “private prison.”

Danielle Bezerra posted on her social networks that the lawyer’s mother was hospitalized last night, and Deulan was not notified. “Today she went again, we asked them to notify her and they refuse to notify Deulane, on the grounds that they have no responsibility, only outsourcing workers. They have a moral and contractual duty to notify Deulane,” Danielle said.

She opens a live video of the scene, showing Deolane attempting to draw Deolane out of reality to the attention of those in charge. He then posted a photo of Dylan earlier, saying, “You’re going to get out of this hell.” Diane also asked for an intact car in an effort to get attention: “Send it straight,” she said, in the stories.

A few minutes later, the police arrived at the scene. The police officers asked the lawyer’s team to move the car off the road, which impeded movement to and from the scene of the accident. Diane read a message on her cell phone, in which she said the broadcasters were already aware of the movement that was happening. So far, no one from the producer or broadcaster has commented on the matter.

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