February 1, 2023

The departure of Cindy Mendes, from the Antonia series and movie, at the age of 38

Cindy Mendes, one of the actresses of the series and film “Antonia” (2006), died yesterday at the age of 38, in São Paulo. The singer’s friends and co-stars Negra Lee, Leila Moreno and Kelena mourned the artist’s death and highlighted her lack of recognition.

In one of her Instagram posts, Laila posted a series of photos mourning the death of her friend. Today Cindy rested with a heavy heart writing this news! Thank you for your participation in this important project representing girls from all over Brazil. Your rhyme and interpretation are timeless in movie theatre And in our hearts.”

She continued and said that Cindy’s work was not recognized as much in the country. “You sure spent your time on earth and made so many people happy! Yes, you shone so much as a singer! You were misunderstood and ‘unrecognized’ as you used to say. Maybe one day everyone will hear your art and know your worth! All my From love and strength to the family. Condolences to all the fans and friends, we are still here with love and we miss you!” said Leila.

“Cindy, I have no words to say goodbye. I just want to say thank you sister. We made history, you were a part of it. Thank you for your talent. You are so much light! Now you will shine in the sky. My beautiful sister. You are and always will be Antonia.” I love you!” said Kylena.

On the other hand, Negra Lee wrote her Instagram Stories “Mourning”. In the comments of Leila’s post, artists such as Imicida, Pathe de Jesus and Drake Barbosa mourned the death of the actress.