June 5, 2023

The Deputy Governor is participating in the United Nations Conference on Water Resources in the United States

Deputy Governor and Secretary Environmental and sustainability status, Diego Bombolamet the Deputy Governor of New York today Wednesday (22). Maryland, Aruna MillerDiscuss alternatives for environmental management and water conservation, in UN on Water. Officials also visited Maryland Environmental Service, the agency responsible for improving ecosystem services in the United States. Pampolha has an agenda in New York until Friday (03/24).

One of the topics discussed at the meeting was decontamination Guanabara BayBecause Maryland has expertise in decontamination Chesapeake BayIt is the largest estuary in the United States at approximately 166,534 km2 and flows into it Atlantic Ocean.

At the Maryland Environmental Service, Pambolha spoke to directors and technicians about solid waste management and measures to combat climate change.

Guanabara Bay Island / Photo: Roberto Anderson

“It is important that we have this exchange with other countries, with realities different from ours. From meetings like this we can not only explore new ideas, but also help find solutions.Fluminense through experience and foresight,” declared Bambola, adding that he wanted to return. Brazil With ideas and plans for implementation in EState of Rio The month of JanuaryIt treats the problem as primary.

With Diego Bambole: Undersecretary Water resources, health and environmental sustainability, But astiand Executive Under-Secretary, Jose Ricardo Brito.

UN Convention on Water The conference focuses on discussing the global challenges of access to water threatened by pollution and climate change. At the end of the conference, a document should be prepared with a set of measures to achieve the international goals in this regard. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.