March 29, 2023

The director explains why Xena died in the series

Xena the Warrior Princess series

Photo – Reproduction / Renaissance Pictures / Universal Television Enterprises / Studios USA Television Distribution

Xena: Warrior Princess has six seasons and more than 134 episodes.

From the beginning of the plot, the main character seeks redemption from the crimes committed in the past. Many were curious to see if Xena would have a happy ending, but the producers surprised the audience by killing off the main character in the episode titled “A Friend in Need.”

After fighting a large army, Xena is hit by several arrows and beheaded by a samurai. Most viewers were not satisfied with the dramatic ending.

director RJ Stewart Explanation of why he decided to end the series with the death of the hero (trans Electronic popcorn):

“The reason we killed Xena is because when that show started, it was so unique. Xena was introduced in Hercules as a villain with a slew of dead bodies on her back, and the first thing I told Rob was to pull out the weapons on the show. But the heroine who doesn’t fight It cannot exist in the show.”.

The idea was always to show the warrior redeeming himself, giving his life at the end.

“Xena found her mission, which is to redeem herself. We’ve always denied her the ability to forgive herself for what she’s done. She’s had to pay a heavy price – she was a war criminal, as shown in Hercules. So, fast-forward six years later. We wanted to do a story. A Japanese ghost, and if we did, Xena would be the ghost! We thought, “How are we going to bring her back to life for the 78th time?” Wait a minute – the ultimate salvation might be here if she isn’t brought back to life! “The director explained.