December 1, 2023
The doctor and former Sao Bento player has been honored by the club and by Unimed

The doctor and former Sao Bento player has been honored by the club and by Unimed

Unimed Sorocaba and Esporte Clube São Bento paid tribute to the doctor from Sorocaba, cardiologist João Batista Gabor. He received a personal shirt from the club. The shirt was made especially for the doctor, and it was delivered to him at a lunch prepared by the cooperative’s executive board on October 26. Joao Batista Gabor played for São Bento throughout 1969, so the event organizers decided to honor him.

Esporte Clube São Bento promoted a potion on the team jerseys for Unimed Sorocaba’s co-op members and collaborators. After learning about this initiative, doctor João Batista Gabor made a special request: he wanted to have Azulau’s shirt.

When he called Casa do Cobrado, he told the doctor a little about his sportsman’s story: “It might be a whim on my part, but nostalgia invaded me, because it’s part of the story of my life. I’ve played in São Bento almost everywhere [o ano de] 1969 … We are getting older and more sensitive. Anyway, please pass on my words to the marketing team and the board of directors of Sao Bento. To you, Tatiana (from Casa do Cooperado), my gratitude for your service. Little of my history has been recorded at Unimed and São Bento.”

After learning of this fact, Unimed Sorocaba and the Board of Directors of Esporte Clube São Bento decided to honor the cardiologist and presented the former São Bento player with a personalized T-shirt.

The event was held during a lunch which was attended by President, Vice President and Market Director of Unimed Sorocaba (respectively Gustavo Ribeiro Neves, Jose Feliciano Delfino Filho and Jane Peter) and on behalf of São Bento, Businessman, Club President Almir Lorendo and Club Marketing Director José Abraão Filho. (From the newsroom)