The doctors denied the usefulness and necessity of high physical activity

Scientists from the University of Sheffield has denied the presumption of the use of excessive physical activity and concluded that in terms of daily exercise is best for human moderation.

Врачи опровергли полезность и нужность высокой физической активности

For years humanity has been told that excessive exercise not only help to maintain good physical shape, but also save you from many age-related chronic diseases.
It turns out that it is not. Excessive exercise can cause irreparable harm to human health, especially in old age.

The researchers of Sheffield lab has conducted several long-term experiments on volunteers of different ages. It turned out that people who commit one-time transfer of ten thousand steps, more prone to hypertension and developing cardiovascular diseases than those who overcomes the same distance in three doses at intervals of half an hour.

Excessive loads cause more harm than their absence, but moderate exercise, healthful in all respects. Exercise without fanaticism – the main slogan of the doctors from Sheffield. Excessive load not only promote brain activity, but also wear out the body.


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