February 8, 2023
The dream of owning a home can get easier in 2023 with FGTS Futuro

The dream of owning a home can get easier in 2023 with FGTS Futuro

Dream a house itself could become a reality for many Brazilians in 2023 with another incentive. We are talking about using the Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS) in a new way. a FGTS future It works as a kind of consignment, but pay attention: the possibility has some risks that need to be taken into account.

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The possibility has been approved by Board of Trustees from the guarantee fund. It will be up to the worker to decide whether or not to use the deposits to be made. If so, the amounts still to be paid may be included in calculating the income of persons interested in purchasing their own property.

The future FGTS is in 2023

A worker who chooses to use FGTS Futuro during 2023 will keep the relevant money to pay the financing installments. This is the great danger of the method.

Since it is a type of shipment, the amounts are hacked. If the worker loses his job, he will continue to be in debt, so the premiums can put pressure on the budget because of the additional FGTS Futuro.

Based on the decision of the Board of Trustees, prof method Low-income families can benefit from it, with monthly earnings of up to R$2,400. The use will allow these families to acquire a home at a value higher than they can afford at the moment when they depend on the amount that will still be deposited month after month.

Possibility changes the way the fund is used. Currently, only the worker can accumulate a FGTS credit and use the money to amortize or pay off the financing. FGTS Futuro is different and has values ​​that will still be deposited into an account Worker🇧🇷

Given the risks, the Ministry of Regional Development It ensured that banks would bear a portion of it, while maintaining the rule of suspending payments for up to six months for the unemployed.