The duet between Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran controversy on the social networks !

Le duo entre Beyoncé et Ed Sheeran fait polémique sur les réseaux sociaux !

Several days ago, Beyoncé and Ed sheeran sang together. Their duo has been controversial because of the outfits they wore !

Fans of Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran had a nice surprise a few days ago. They have sung together, but their performance has been controversy on the social network.

Beyoncé : She sings with Ed Sheeran in Johannesburg !

Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran are two artists well-known all over the world. The singer proved a massive hit with his ballad while the starlet ignites the stage during his concerts. The duet between the two stars was so highly anticipated and everyone wanted to see what it would give. However, it would seem that the fans have not been convinced at all !

During the festival the Global Citizen Festival in Johannesburg, Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran sang together. The two artists had agreed to sing on stage to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela. Thus, the two stars sang together ” Perfect “ written by the singer English. This would be a nice surprise and the duo was very well sung during the evening. Nevertheless, fans could not help but criticize the outfits of the two artists !

Beyoncé : The duo is clasher by the fans !

On the point art, the two stars have shone in Johannesburg. It is about the aesthetic that everything changed. Beyoncé had pulled out a very beautiful pink dress fuchsia for the evening and it was very sophisticated. For his part, Ed Sheeran has remained with its eternal blue jeans and a tee-shirt casual. Not to mention that this last was made of sneaker history, and to feel comfortable on stage.

Beyoncé always wear fabulous outfits during her appearances on stage. Nevertheless, the contrast in style between the two has quickly been the object of many criticisms. People have thought that the stars had put forward the inequality man/woman because of their outfits.

This photo is so representative of what is expected of women and men when they are at the very top of the scale. “Said a user

Ed Sheeran is a man 27 years of age, and the fact that we had not made it clear that he could dress as he wanted, EXCEPT next to Beyoncé annoys me deeply , “said another user.

In reality, the audience would have wanted Ed Sheeran to make an effort to dress the face of Queen B. Luckily, his fans have taken to his defence, explaining that was his look and that he was known by dressing this way.


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