May 30, 2023
The eighth DR of the reality show is formed

The eighth DR of the reality show is formed

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Spouses Brenda Paixão, Matheus Sampaio, Eliza, Hadballa, Michele and Bruno Passa are DR’s 8th best. “Power Couple 6”.

The pair with the fewest votes in the hot seat will be eliminated from the game, while the other pairs will move on to the following week of reality show From RecordTV.

Brenda and Matthews were the first duo to go to DR For being the last in the pairs test. They did the swimming and agility test in the shortest time and went to the popular vote.

Elisa and Hadbala went to the hot seat for having the third worst pair balance. They went to DR because the worst scales were Brenda and Matthews (in the DR test) and Lou and Haddad (the pairs test winners).

In the Palace’s open vote, spouses Michele and Passa got 4 votes and went straight to DR.

See who voted for whom in forming the Dominican Republic:

  • Adriana Ribeiro and Albert Bressan – Michelle and Bassa
  • Brenda Picasso and Matthews Sampaio – Michelle and Bassa
  • Luana Andrade and Joao Haddad – Michelle and Bassa
  • Elisa and Hadbala – Michelle and Bassa
  • Caroline Menezes and Mosonzinho – Albert and Adriana
  • Michelle Bassa and Bruno Bassa – Albert and Adriana

The influential couple, Luana Andrade and João Hadad, can cancel votes submitted by two spouses or immunize spouses who are not in the Dominican Republic.

Luana and Haddad chose to fortify one of the pairs, and in this way, they protected Carol and Mosonzinho – spoiling the strategy of Brenda, Matthews, Albert, and Adriana, who intended to try to send them to the popular vote.

Power Couple 6: Eliza, Hadson, Brenda, Matheus, Michele and Passa are on the 8th DR: Who do you want to stay?

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