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The Emotion of Milton Nascimento’s Farewell Tone in Mineiro – Kaltura

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The Emotion of Milton Nascimento's Farewell Tone in Mineiro - Kaltura
The Emotion of Milton Nascimento's Farewell Tone in Mineiro - Kaltura
Milton's face in front of the microphone
Petuka on stage held in Mineiro for the last show of his career (Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press)

Milton Nascimento’s last show in Mineiro started very quickly. “The Last Musical Session”, which ended on Sunday evening (11/13), the singer-songwriter’s path from Minas Gerais began before he took to the stage.

Over the course of two and a half hours, Melton promoted a passionate and dedicated evening that covered 80 years of life and 60 years of music. His collection covered all phases of his career and also celebrated the companion and community he always brought to his work. An evening with a huge crowd and a full stage, with many guests.

An audience of 55,000 people who dominated the stadium with Gal Costa sang many of his songs: “D um rol”, “Prola Negra” and “Paula e Bebeto”, which evoked in the speakers in honor of the singer’s death last Wednesday (9). / 11) at the age of 77.

A picture of her embracing Milton has been shown on both phones since Sunday afternoon.

At the entrance to the studio, the audience received a sign that read “Thank you, Petuka.” The show is the 37th of the season, which began in June in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, in addition to Brazil, he has performed in Europe (10 performances) and the United States (9 dates).

Milton sitting on stage at T
Milton at the start of the show in Mineiro in clothes signed by Ronaldo Fraga (Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press)

“I consider myself more Minas Gerais than Cariocas,” Milton said in the video that opened the show at 7 p.m. In the presentation, Petuka – “that’s how I like to be called” – skips his track.

Talk about friends, partners and Clube da Esquina. “I became a world citizen without stopping to be Brazilian,” he said, when the audience welcomed him.

Already on stage, with the accordion (his first instrument), Milton addressed the audience for the first time. “This show is dedicated to my dear Gal Costa,” he said after the performance of “Punta de Aria,” which opened the show.

In black, Jose
José Ibarra performed the opening performance of “A Last Music Session” (Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press)

“Now it’s me,” Milton said, after removing the mantle created by Ronaldo Fraga and inspired by Artur Bispo do Rosrio. He wore a hoodie and sunglasses, and spoke of “the love of my life.” He was referring to Ellis Regina, who recorded (and immortalized) “Cano do Sal” and “Moro Velho,” songs from the beginning of her career.

Z Ibarra, who opened the show, shared with Melton another song from the group’s first stage of his career, “October.”

Surprises promised. The first appeared in the first part of the show. Milton sang “Amor de ndio” to Beto Guedes and Ronaldo Bastos, a song that is not part of the tour’s official repertoire.

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About 55 thousand people followed
About 55,000 people attended the last concert session, which ended on Sunday evening (11/13) as the singer and composer from Minas Gerais took to the stage.
(Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press)
Melton mentioned the recognition of the album “Clube da Esquina” and announced his stage presence Toninho Horta, Wagner Tiso, Beto Guedes and L Borges. With some difficulty holding back the tears, Petuka sang with the quartet “Barra Lennon E. McCartney”.

The crowd followed, lighting up the stadium with green lights and mobile phone flashlights, in one of the night’s most emotional moments.

Another song that was only included in tonight’s repertoire, “Sunflowers of the Color of Your Hair” was sung by El, Toniño, Wagner and Beto, causing an uproar in the audience, who sang along and applauded heartily.

Milton, all along, was very emotional. At the end of each tube, keep quiet. J Without the guests on stage, he sang “Case” alone. The audience was also moved and chanted “Bituca, eu te amo!”.

After a more emotional set, the song “All You can be” excited the audience in Mineiro. Music director and show organizer Wilson Lopez has a guitar solo performed by “San Vicente”, performed by Z Ibarra.

“Clube da Esquina 2” led Melton to lead the audience, emphasizing the phrase “people, people, people.” Then, in honor of his mother, Llia, she named the instrumental theme that Milton accompanies with vocalizations.

Milton sings alongside L
Milton welcomes L Borges, Toninho Horta, Beto Guedes and Wagner Tiso on stage (Photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DAPress)

Another great audience moment: “Sharp Knife, Blind” was sung all over Mineiro, along with another catchy song, “Paula y Bebeto”. After that, Milton announced “a small tribute to Mercedes Sosa”.

Z Ibarra translated “Volver a los 17” into the Violetta Barra poem song Milton recorded with the Argentine singer.

Soon, Samuel invited Rosa to the stage, and the skank singer said, “I really thought it was a great honor to live on earth at the same time as this genius” and confirms the added privilege of sharing the stage with him in front of “60 thousand people.”

Burgess and Ronaldo said before the two of them sing “Blue Train” together. Bastos, another song only included in this tour show.

Samuel Petuka called to “listen to the crowded Mineiro” and let the audience sing. And he concludes: “Petuka is in our heads forever!”

Two songs composed by Tavinio Mora based on folklore made the audience dance together: “Clix Pinto”, “Pixinhos do Mar”. In the end, the variety show ended with “Cuitelinho” by Paolo Vanzolini. “Cio da terra” finished this show set.

Next, Milton said, “While I keep you on the left side of my chest, I dedicate the next song to all of you,” before singing “Song of America.”

In the latter part of the show, Milton edited several times. After “Cano da America”, “Caador de mim” and “Nos bailes da vida”.

Milton greeted another guest on his farewell night from the theatre. Nelson N’Gello shared him singing “Vazanda” on his own.

“Sock Ball, Marble” was the penultimate song in the music. Milton presented the entire band that accompanied him on the “The Last Music Session” tour.

The audience raised posters of “Obrigado, Bituca” before the last song “Maria Maria”. “I love you too!” Milton said, heartbroken. A lively interpretation of “Maria, Maria” followed, with space for a solarium and fireworks.

After “Corão de Estudante”, which has already appeared, with Wagner Tiso piano and Milton’s voice, he said: “Long live democracy.”

Toninho Horta returned to the stage to play alongside Wilson Lopez “Travessia”. Z Ibarra began singing the first verses of the song. Milton took charge in the clip “I’ve given my voice to the roads, and I don’t want to stop anymore.”

Farewell Encounters ended the show. last offer. And Melton addresses his deceased partner in 2015: “Fernando Brant, wherever you are, I love you!”. Meeting time is also goodbye.”

After that, he invited the whole team to the stage, starting with his son and his manager, Augusto Nascimento. Gently, Milton was supported by him. J From standing, thanks, now without more words, night. We were all grateful and ecstatic.

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