November 30, 2023

The end of an era? A Chinese company releases its own version of ChatGPT

Finally, Baidu, a Chinese multinational technology company known in Brazil for its antivirus, has become part of the race for artificial intelligence (AI) dominance. The company launched its version of ChatGPT, this Thursday, the 16th, were you curious to see what it has to offer? Check out the details.

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A Chinese company enters the dispute

file launch Chat bot It was highly anticipated by enthusiasts in the region, in addition to that the supplier promises to be one of the strongest competitors to the product of the American company. Open AI. Learn what’s new here.

According to information from Reuters, the presentation consisted of short explanatory videos, which left the impression that everything was done in a hurry until the launch was announced soon. This fact did not please the stock market, as the company’s shares fell by as much as 10%.

Another report linked by the Wall Street Journal noted that a portion of Baidu’s employees faced long work days with overtime, in order to expedite the preparation of the appeal.

During the launch presentation, which took place at BaiduIn Beijing, CEO Robin Li stated that this version of the tool is still not perfect, but it was revealed because the market was asking for it.

Ernie Bot showed off his skills during the launch

At the demo, attendees got to watch the Ernie Bot, as the feature is called, in action. He answered questions about a popular Chinese science fiction novel. In addition, the AI ​​is also capable of producing mathematical calculations, understanding Chinese dialects, and creating video and image from text commands.

Until now , Chat bot It is available to a limited group of users through the codes provided in the invitation. In addition, Baidu is also receiving requests from companies that want to add the technology to their products. About 650 companies have expressed interest.

Baidu believes that the tool will change the way its search engine works, causing a revolution, and it also promises to influence other sectors, such as smart cars and home appliances.

It is worth noting that the area artificial intelligence This week has been buzzing with updates from Google, which has incorporated artificial intelligence into some of its products. and OpenAI, which released GPT-4. This is an updated version of the technology.