March 29, 2023

The end of “Smallville” was different

Series “Smallville: The Adventures of SuperboyHe won a total of 10 seasons. The idea was always to show Superman through his teens, as a boy who is still discovering his powers and who isn’t very popular.

“Young Clark Kent struggles with his identity and tries to harness his powers to do good in Smallville, Kansas.”

Because of this, the creators created a rule where Clark Kent She will not appear in full costume until after the series ends.

During an interview with THR (via: screen rant), Miles Millar And Alfred Goff He said that the series was originally planned to last 5 seasons just so they could work on another project. Gough stated that they “had already told the stories they wanted to tell”.

However, the episodes continued into the tenth season, ending with Clark showing the Superman symbol. But the uniform rule was maintained, which drew criticism from most fans.

As reported by the source, it was originally planned by Miles and Alfred for Clark Kent to don the full suit and take to the air. Despite this, the version the producers had imagined was not presented, and ended with the character unrolling her shirt on the roof of the Daily Planet and preparing to fly. Next, the flight scene is cut out.