The EU is losing “patience” with Facebook

InternetLa european commissioner for Consumer, Vera Jourova, threat Facebook of sanctions if the social network is not in compliance.

L'UE perd «patience» avec Facebook

Facebook is rapped on the knuckles by the european commissioner for Consumer, Vera Jourova.

The european commissioner for Consumer, Vera Jourova, has directed that Thursday Facebook to quickly comply with EU rules on the protection of consumers by the end of the year, otherwise it will ask for “sanctions”.

“My patience has reached its limits. Although Facebook I was assured that it would fit, and all of the terms and conditions of service misleading the remaining by December, it lasts for too long,” she explained in Brussels at a press conference.

“It is now time to act and not to make any more promises. If the changes are not fully implemented by the end of the year, I invite the authorities responsible for the protection of consumers to act quickly and punish the company,” she added.

Progress “very limited”

Ms Jourova on the other hand has announced that Airbnb was, for its part, committed to its terms of use in compliance with the european rules, and to make its tariffs more transparent. The commissioner Czech was fixed in mid-July an ultimatum to the rental company tourist in line for it.

On Facebook, the european Commission had deplored the end of February that some social media have still not sufficiently aligned to their terms of services on the requirements of the EU.

And “progress” recorded by the company of Mark Zuckerberg have since been “very limited”, even though the company has modified its terms of use in April, insists Brussels in its press release Thursday.

These new conditions “contain a misleading presentation of the main characteristics of services of Facebook,” explains the Commission.

“In particular, Facebook now shows to consumers that their data and their content are only used to improve their overall experience, and does not mention that the company uses these data for commercial purposes,” she continued.


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