November 28, 2022
The "evil call" house is for sale in the United States

The “evil call” house is for sale in the United States

Photo: Instagram / The Conjuring House / Modern Popcorn

The real ghost house that inspired James Vaughn’s movie “The Conjuring” is for sale. Curiosity about dying … if they are willing to live in that place, they can fulfill their wishes for the terrifying price of $ 1.2 million.

This film is a much more modest production than its film version. 19th century wood construction, it has three bedrooms and a bathroom and is located on eight hectares of land. But for horror fans, there is a privileged vision beyond that space.

As shown in the 2013 film Vera Farming and Patrick Wilson, the house may have been inhabited by Patsheba Sherman, the original resident of the 1800s, and other evil spirits allegedly discovered during a 1971 occult investigation.

From the premiere of the film, which recreated one of the most popular hunting cases recorded by the Lorraine and Ed Warren duo, the place gained great popularity. Not coincidentally, the description of the property for sale attempts to take advantage of this type of interest.

“To date, countless incidents have been reported,” says the real estate firm’s text. “Dozens of media productions, including books, movies and TV shows, tell the thrilling stories, incidents and memories of residents and property visitors.”

Cory and Jennifer Henson are the new owners of the property. After the movie they bought it in 2019 and tried to take advantage of the place’s reputation, opening the house to tourists and hosting shows, in which ghost hunters and interested parties investigated the property.

However, the daily coexistence with spirits made them better reflect and consider other real estate projects.

In an interview with the NBC network, Cory “announced strange events such as” doors opening and closing themselves, footprints, knocking and distorted voices. “

“Last night we had black fog in a room,” he added. “It looks like smoke. It appears in a fixed area and then starts moving.”