July 1, 2022
The ex-reality TV participant who used to sell packaged albums is feeling nauseous from excess gas

The ex-reality TV participant who used to sell packaged albums is feeling nauseous from excess gas

to influence Stephanie Matt, the former participant in TLC’s “90 Days to Marry”, had to boycott Sell ​​Bottled Flatulence. According to the young woman, who was earning around £35,000 (about R$262,000) a week selling her bottled breasts, she was recently hospitalized. Information from the New York Post.

Stephanie was taken to hospital with chest pains that she fears may be symptoms of a heart attack. After she underwent a battery of tests, including blood tests and an electrocardiogram, the influencer was told the pain was the result of her constant diet of eggs and beans that cause gas.

“I realized that something was not right that night as I was lying in bed, and I felt pressure in my stomach. It was very difficult to breathe, and every time I tried to breathe, I felt a tightness in my heart.”

After being diagnosed, Stephanie said she was advised to change her diet and take gas-suppressant medication. “Effective way, [o remédio] It ruined my business,” he said.

Since she started selling her bottled fart, the influencer has been eating beans, boiled eggs, a protein shake, and some yogurt.

Stephanie participated in the fourth season of the spin-off in 2020. The reality of matchmaking, where the two people meet online and then one of them goes to the US to get a marriage visa – which gives both people 90 days to organize the ceremony.

Stephanie has engaged to Erica Owens from Australia.

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