The experts evaluated the possibility of installing Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti on the laptop

The experts noted that Nvidia produces video cards, gradually ceased to share the quality of these parts on mobile and desktop. Any can be installed on a laptop and on a PC. However, with Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti came out a year ago, it was different.

Эксперты оценили возможность установки Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti на ноутбук

Installation on laptop for this part was not originally assumed in connection with very high heat dissipation 250 W is a value not all PCs will survive. Gamers prefer laptops lighter and thinner for ease of carrying, and for such a card just was not adapted. There were difficulties with the cooling and carrying. Later it was partially solved by reducing the frequency GPU on other items. So in theory, and a new graphics card can be installed on the laptop. Experts is checked by lowering the value from Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti up to 180 watts.

The speed of the graphics card was decent, however, as noted by experts, the company itself did not do it for laptops because of the probability of increasing the cost of the latter, as reported VladTime. In addition, for permanent use Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti had very correctly place the memory chips are not small-Board laptop, it is very difficult to do.


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