June 4, 2023

The family of a Brazilian who died of chickenpox in Chile is trying to prevent him from being buried as destitute

Bodybuilder Rafael Casanova’s family has 8 days to bring his body to Brazil

photo: Playback / Instagram / @raphaelcasanova

Bodybuilding family Raphael Casanova, 38 years old, in a battle against time. They must be able to carry out all the bureaucratic formalities so that his body, which died of chickenpox in Chile, would be delivered to Brazil by the 23rd of next month – the deadline set by the hospital where Rafael died, and where his body is at the moment.

The Brazilian’s sister, Juliana Casanova, 31, says that the hospital does not allow the body to be removed without the presence of a legal representative of the brother, that is, a relative. Then Juliana explains that they have created a Kitty online To cover the costs of renting a funeral home in Chile to move the body.

“Our intention was for someone to go there. In that case, my mom and I would go, but the costs would be much more expensive than bringing it in.” Land.

In order for the funeral home to remove the body from the hospital, a power of attorney is also required. However, the document faces another difficulty: language.

“There is another problem in people’s lives because of this. Today we went to some registry office, and we found out that not every registry office does this, because the power of attorney must be returned and it still needs to be translated,” he explains.

Juliana tells Terra that her brother’s chickenpox virus is not as common as we know it, the virus that “affects children”. “The chickenpox he had was rare and could be fatal,” he said.

Among the many bureaucracies and information that must be dealt with, Julianna says she and her family are unable to even feel the pain of mourning. “We still can’t sit down and cry… We don’t have time to stay home suffering. Right now, time is our enemy,” he said.

understand the situation

Rafael Casanova was first diagnosed with chickenpox in January this year. With skin lesions, the bodybuilder thought he might have monkeypox and sought medical help. In the hospital, he was instructed to undergo home treatment with medication.

According to his sister, in January he was isolated and given medication. After he felt better and the injuries were gone, he returned to his normal, active life, including his training routine.

However, between the end of March and the beginning of April, Rafael felt bad again.

“He went to the hospital, the doctor examined him and said he had a normal virus. Over time it got worse. Until he felt sick and fell in the street,” says his sister.

That day, Rafael was taken to the hospital by people on the street. And again he was sent home, where he was to continue his treatment. Raphael was hospitalized only days later, after telling his mother he was “very weak” and “dying little by little”. At that time, a friend took him to the unit at his sister’s request, but he ended up not fighting back.

Source: EditoraTerra