February 1, 2023

The famous museum in Rio will have free admission until January 15th

The Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) will be open until January 15th with free admission to all audiences. It’s time to take advantage of Holiday With so much knowledge now, still without paying anything for the tour! Seven exhibitions will be available, including an unprecedented exhibition by Brazilian singer Clara Nunes. See more details.

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Rio Museum of Art

This year, the US organization started administering MAR Ibero-Americans (OEI) in partnership with the City of Rio. For the organization, as commented by Rafael Calo, Senior Director of OEI Representation in Brazil, this is the significance of the Rio Museum:

“It represents a tool to promote access to culture, closely linked to the territory, as well as to contribute to training in the arts, since in Rio de Janeiro it is, through its history and its expressions, the raw material for our work.”

MAR is located at Praça Mauá, No. 5, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The place is open from Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm.

Arts exhibited at MAR

Available exhibitions opened later this month, on the 10th. The museum also has a hill and belvedere so that visitors can discover the place.

The artist from Para, Emmanuel Nassar, also exhibits his richest works in Mar during the free period. Audiences will find art that speaks to the popular and cultured spheres, and then they will be able to interact with a life-size plane that is part of the exhibition. In addition, four more attractions can be seen.

“Existing Stories and Territories,” another exhibition organized by the University of Quebradas, which deals with students’ experience during the humanities course and the black art course. The work was entirely composed by students and can be seen both in the Marr Library and on the museum’s aviators.

The main exhibition is “A Defect in Color” which has been taking place there since September this year. The work is a review of the period history of the struggles in the slave community in the nineteenth century, and addresses the cultural contexts and forms of the time. The show is based on the book by Ana Maria Gonsalves.