December 3, 2023
The Farm: After Bruno Salomao "gets impatient", Cheyenne eyebrows go against Deborah Albuquerque's husband and guarantees: "He's traveling"

The Farm: After Bruno Salomao “gets impatient”, Cheyenne eyebrows go against Deborah Albuquerque’s husband and guarantees: “He’s traveling”


After Ruivinha de Marte congratulated her on staying on the show, Deborah’s husband slammed Shay.

Photos: Playback / PlayPlus / Record TV
Photos: Playback / PlayPlus / Record TV

In the eighth rocca of this edition of farmAlex and Deborah Albuquerque She was the least voted by viewers and They said goodbye to the program🇧🇷 after removing the presenter, Bruno Salomao if Show anger on the web and leave up to Shayan Hagbin🇧🇷

The Iranian celebrated on Twitter Ruivinha de Marte’s survival in the rural reality, but he also made no secret of his disappointment at the departure of the actor and former Power Couple Brasil co-star. 🇧🇷Disappointed to see that Deborah and Alex have left. But the game is still here, you guys were greatInvestor Books.

🇧🇷Go with everything Ruivinha, so glad you stayedHe added, “Shortly after, Deborah’s husband fired the act and commented on Shay’s post.”You really don’t deserve Deborah’s friendship and protection inside [no confinamento]…you will be very disappointed with your performance here…congratulations‘ the doctor complained.

On Friday morning (11), the businessman Salomao responded. 🇧🇷Salam Salam Good morning my people I was very sad and angry at the departure of @OficialDeborahA yesterday. But this is a game, I can only congratulate my little sister @ruivinhademarte, I have always said we are from the group B.DrBrunoSalomao You are a traveleranswered.