November 27, 2022
A Fazenda 14: Bárbara, Pétala e Pelé estão na roça

The farm: who deserves to be the new farmer? vote!

Another field was formed in “A Fazenda 14”, Record TV. On the night of Tuesday, October 25, participants gathered to vote. In the end, Barbara Borges was nominated by the farmer Lucas. Vinnie Buttel got more votes and finished second in the hot seat. Pétala Barreiros received the green power and stopped in the hot seat. Finally, Pelé left MilFlows at “Resta Um” and was the last.

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As usual, the exchange of accusations and a lot of quarrels dominated the reality of the countryside. But this time, the participants did not verbally abuse or threaten each other – which caused a lot of criticism in the game. The expulsion of Thiago and Xi’an made the pawns more tense and made them behave better on live shows.

The night was also marred by several apologies from Deborah Albuquerque. One responsible for trying to circumvent one of the many rules of the game, the participant returned to the topic all night long. Indeed, the influential Adriane Galisteu interrupted during the dynamic.

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Vote for your favorite to win the farm experience and escape the countryside!

Who deserves to win the farmer’s trial?

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