The FBI is urging police chiefs across the United States to be very vigilant of threats

“The recent events at our nation’s Capitol and at our state headquarters illustrate the need for law enforcement authorities to be prepared and staffed for any large gatherings,” Terry Davy, Inspector of Oregon State Police, said in a statement.

The National Guard was also assisting in the state capitals in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Law enforcement presence has intensified on the California State Capitol Building in Sacramento, with California Highway Patrol officers on standby and outside at entrances, and with team cars parked on the ground, blocking driveways. The FBI has set up a joint command center with local authorities in Sacramento, and members of state, federal, and local law enforcement authorities meet daily.

Although Los Angeles officials received no specific threats, the Los Angeles Police Department chief ordered all officers, approximately 10,000 people, to wear uniforms every day before inauguration so that they would be ready to post at any point. Notice. The Las Vegas City Police Department has adjusted staffing levels in anticipation of protest activity.

President Colina of Miami said part of the challenge for law enforcement agencies in gathering intelligence was to exclude “ambitious” comments. In the call on Wednesday, the FBI acknowledged the discomfort felt across the country following the attack on the U.S. Capitol, he said.

“Everyone was shocked, you know, upon seeing what happened at the Capitol. It gives you a terrible feeling of discomfort, and so they’re worried about that,” he said, adding, “They’re interested in the mentality of ‘Are we safe here in this country?'”

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John Eligon from Kansas City, Francis Robles from Miami, Zolan Kanoo Youngs, and Helen Cooper from Washington reported. Adam Goldman in Washington contributed reporting. Mike Baker from Seattle; Sean Hubler from Sacramento and Simon Romero from Albuquerque; Richard Fawcett in Atlanta; Julia McDonnell Neto Del Rio in New York; Julie Bosman is from Chicago and Tim Aranjo and Manny Fernandez are in Los Angeles.

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