December 8, 2023
The United Nations asks China to provide evidence of the loss of the life of a tennis player

The federation questions the videos that prove that the Chinese tennis player is alive

The federation questions the videos that prove that the Chinese tennis player is alive

Foto: Robbie Mendelson – Originally Posted on Flickr as Peng Shuai

In the midst of the controversy over The disappearance of the tennis player Bing Shuai (Photo), is Xijin, Editor in Chief Global Times, newspaper aligned to chinese communist party, Posted on Saturday (20) days Videos and photos on Twitter prove that the athlete is alive.

In one of the recordings, Bing is shown eating dinner.With technician and friends in a restaurant”According to the editor. Before, he has already posted, also on Twitter, photos showing the tennis player playing with a cat in a room full of stuffed animals.

However, the recording dates are unclear and it has been questioned by the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

“I am happy to see videos released by Chinese state media showing Shuai Bing in a restaurant in Beijing. While seeing her is a positive thing, It is still not clear whether she is free to make decisions freely. without coercion or outside interference. This video is only not enough. I’ve been talking since the beginning, I’m still concerned about Bing Wan’s health and safety Allegations of sexual assault are censored and brought under the rug. I’ve been clear about what needs to happen and our relationship with China is at a crossroads.” He said Steve Simon, president of the WTA, in a statement.

On November 2, the tennis player said on a Chinese social network that she was raped years ago by a former Chinese vice prime minister. Zhang Gaoli. Half an hour later, the post was deleted, and Peng’s social networks were blocked and referenced from the Internet in China, under heavy government scrutiny. The athlete has not been seen since.