The finances of the party of Maxime Bernier’s doing very well

Les finances du parti de Maxime Bernier se portent très bien

OTTAWA — The finance from the most recent national political party is doing very well.

The popular Party of Canada is officially registered with Elections Canada on Friday morning, which allows him to begin to issue receipts for income tax purposes for donations.

The party has made over $ 300,000 in the hours that followed.

The party spokesman, Martin Mass, said that this would bring the fund-raising nearly a million dollars since Maxime Bernier announced that he was leaving the conservatives to create his own party at the end of the month of August.

Mr. Masse said that this should silence those who claim that the popular Party is the case of a single man with very little real support.

The party has gained in three days what he had harvested in three months, said Mr. Masse.

He added that there were undoubtedly people who were expecting to be able to get receipts for tax purposes before donating.

In 2019, the maximum amount of donations to a political party that is 1600 $, which gives the right to a tax credit of $650.

Donations to report

The party of Mr. Bernier should start to report its donations to Elections Canada now that he is saved, but he can use the funds collected previously. Mr. Bernier said that he would like to raise $ 3.5 million before the general election this fall.

During the first three quarters of 2018, the conservatives raised $ 17 million, according to Elections Canada. The liberals have raised $ 10.3 million and the new democrats, $3.2 million.

Political battle

Mr. Bernier is separated from the conservatives at the end of a battle very public, with chef Andrew Scheer on matters of policy, including the management of the offer and the government subsidies to businesses. Mr. Bernier had finished just behind Mr. Scheer during the leadership race of the conservative party in 2017.

The popular Party of Canada will present its first three candidates in by-elections in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

Two candidates are officially appointed, but the third, in the district of montreal Outremont, still waiting for the confirmation of his current employer that he will be able to take leave.

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