July 25, 2024

The first images of China’s Mars may take a while to reach Earth

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Mars Rover Jurong

Jurong, seen in an example here, touched safely on the surface of Mars.


Of China The Jurong rover touches the surface of Mars The weekend marks a new milestone for the country’s space program. But we may have to wait a bit before seeing the first shots of the rover on Mars.

China’s National Space Administration released a statement in English on Monday Tianwen-1 confirms the landing that will be part of the mission, China’s first attempt to reach the surface of another planet. CNSA Deputy Director Wu Yanhua told the state-run China Daily Jurong will make diagnoses in the next few days and leave its landing site, and its first photos are expected by the end of May.

CNSA behaves very differently from NASA. When NASA’s diligent rover landed in February, space fans were quickly treated. First views of the rover’s Mars. CNSA tends to play its cards closer to the wearer.

While some space fans on social media have expressed concern over the lack of images of Jurong, journalist Andrew Jones – who covered China’s space program for SpaceNews – Recommended on Twitter The delay may be partly because it is China’s first rover on the Red Planet.

There is no reason to worry more about Rover’s health. Communications between Mars and Earth are tricky and time consuming. China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft is in orbit around the planet and will act as a relay for the rover.

Landing is another feather in China’s cap, which includes landings in recent years Song 4 mission away from the moon, Return The Moon travels to Earth via Song 5 Mission And getting started The main block of the new space station In April.

While it would be nice to get the photos quickly, it would be worth the wait for any picture of Jurong returning his new home to the large plains of Utopia Planetia. In the meantime, you can enjoy Panoramic view of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft to Mars.

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