The future of job search

Le futur de la recherche d’emploi

The artificial intelligence is already used to search, sort, and evaluate candidates for a vacancy. A great transformation of the recruiting and the job search is on.

This transformation will lead to a match more fair between the needs of employers and the skills and experiences of the candidates. The algorithms digest all of the candidate data and fall within the expected results. And thanks to machine learning, some platforms suggest selection criteria are more appropriate than those used. Others encourage diversity in the company by looking for precise patterns. And the developments are not going to stop…

The candidate passive

For Didier Dubois, strategist HR Marketing and HR Solutions digitales at HRM Group, the future is already here. “There is a whole series of tools in development that integrate the capabilities of artificial intelligence” lance-t-il. In fact, without even view your profile on a job site, or register with groups of employment, you are considered as a potential candidate.

“There are platforms that will scan and identify individuals who seem to want to change jobs from their activities, and their behaviors on social networks, others that analyze the outliers and the offer for positions where you would not have selected a priori “, he adds.

A machine in motion

Artificial intelligence identifies the profiles of the most successful in the company and learn all over again to establish the right selection criteria. Gradually, the features are added in existing systems and allow selections striking.

In China, for example, a large business receiving tens of thousands of applications made a pre-selection based on the timbre and the speed of the voice, and vocabulary according to what the algorithm has identified as effective among the current employees. Another american company has short-listed candidates to executive positions, in part by their biometric traits during the interview remotely.

How to take advantage of that ?

If you are looking for a job, be visible on networks and job sites. “It is necessary to enhance its candidacy as a function of the technology used by the employer, know how to use the key words in his profile and know on the network if one is in search of a job,” explains Didier Dubois.

And this constant quest for the best candidate will necessarily increase employment opportunities. Good candidates may well receive unsolicited bids to negotiate better terms in their current position or simply a change of air (professional).

The human more and more present

If the work of compilation and analysis of recruiters is facilitated and accelerated by the artificial intelligence, the judgment of human resources professionals will always be required. Whether to analyze the results, to “teach” the algorithms, or to devote more time to the interviews, the role of the human in the process is necessary and assured.

It may well be that a small robot is knocking at your door to offer you the job of your dreams… but remember that there will always be and still is a human that you have chosen and who has dictated the way !


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