September 21, 2023
The game of discord in an atmosphere of love is what defines the two brothers' platform

The game of discord in an atmosphere of love is what defines the two brothers’ platform

The day of the long-awaited discord game has come, in”BBB 22″ (TV Globo). “Today we have the popular platform game you all know,” declared Schmidt. Let’s create the platform and take pictures. He explained that the plates are: champion or champion, second place and third place.” Viewers note the absence of a “No Beat” sign. The walls of the week were the first in dynamics.

You are a BBB champion. Who do you want by your side in the final? schmidt


“My podium can hold 3 people, and they are the people I care about the most here,” Wall explained.

1st place: Natalie
2nd place: Jiseilan
Third place: Lucas

Nayara Azevedo

“If I were to speak today, I would give it to everyone. They all held my hand,” he joked before the podium was set up.

1st place: Nayara Azevedo
Second place: Thiago Abravanel
Third place: Jiseilan


“It’s not just about wanting it, it’s about being happy,” said the dancer. “I’d be very happy to see this platform take shape.”

1st place: Luciano
Second place: Douglas Silva
Third place: Lucas

Tiago Abravanel

1st place: James
Second place: Douglas Silva
Third place: Pedro Scobe


1st place: Barbara
Second place: Lais
Third place: Slovenia

Douglas Silva

1st place: Douglas
Second place: Paulo Andre
Third place: Thiago Abravanel

Pedro Scooby

1st place: Peter
Second place: Thiago Abravanel
Third place: Paulo Andre

Jade Bacon

1st place: Jade
Second place: Barbara
Third place: Bruna

Paulo Andre

1st place: Paul
2nd place: Vinnie
Third place: Douglas Silva


1st place: Rodrygo
2nd place: Eli
3rd place: Vinnie


First place: Lais
2nd place: barbaric
3rd place: Vinnie

Bruna Gonçalves

1st place: Bruna
2nd place: Maria
3rd place: Vinnie


1st place: Slovenia
Second place: Ellie
3rd place: Vinnie


1st place: Ellie
2nd place: Vinny
Third place: Eslo


1st place: Jessica
2nd place: Natalia
Third place: Lucas

Arthur Agyar

first place: Arthur
2nd place: Douglas Silva
Third place: Thiago Abravanel


1st place: Vinnie
Second place: Ellie
Third place: Rodrygo

Lyn da Quebrada

1º Lugar: Lin
2nd place: Vinny
Third place: Jessica


first place: Lucas
2nd place: Luciano
3rd place: Natalie


1st place: Marie
2nd place: Bruna
Third place: Thiago Abravanel

Vinnie, the podium champion

At the end of the dynamic, Vyni was the podium record holder, his brother was on 7. Behind him was Tiago Abravanel, on 5 podiums and Douglas on 4.

from the podium

On the other hand, Arthur Aguiar, Lin da Quebrada, Jade Bacon and Nayara Azevedo were not selected for any podium.

BBB 22: Watch how the brothers set up the podium edition

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