September 21, 2023
The gameplay features a combat system

The gameplay features a combat system

On Friday (11th), Avalanche Software and WB Games revealed a new and comprehensive gameplay Hogwarts Legacy🇧🇷 Content includes a look at character creation, a tour of the School of Magic, and an introduction to combat.

Starting with customization, the Avalanche title allows the player to choose different outfits, faces, skin and hair color (with the ability to change color), accessories (eg glasses), voices, and even scars for their character. According to director Alan Tew, it is possible to unlock more options throughout the story.

For Hogwarts, the developers provided the Hufflepuff dormitory, as well as offering the common room in the same house again – It has already been revealed before🇧🇷 At school, magicians on duty will be able to use “Revelio” to find hidden objects. We also see featured locations like the Houses Cup Score Counter and Clock Tower, for example.

While exploring the school, the player can find the characters and carry out missions. In fact, many of these missions affect the ending of the main story, according to Tew.

The director also said that Hogwarts Legacy will not feature some of the world famous magic games. In addition to the absence of Quidditch (previously revealed) , Hey charming chess and the bladder It was cut from the game. Watch everything below:

Fight at Hogwarts legacy

Avalanche Software also showcased the Hogwarts Legacy combat system. First, the player can practice with a training dummy. With your wand, you can apply combinations with spells, which also have a cooldown, so it’s good to pay attention to this.

Then the developer introduced a duel 1 against 3. The wizard can use objects from the environment to defeat his opponents, counter their abilities and use shields.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10 for PS4🇧🇷 PS5and Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. A Switch release is also planned.