January 27, 2023

The giant squid was discovered by researchers in the United States; Watch the video

Divers discovered a rare Pigfin squid belonging to the Magnabinnidae family while exploring western Florida off the coast of the United States off the coast of Mexico (Credit: Disclosure – NOAA Marine Survey)

During a voyage of ‘Windows to the Deep 2021’, Divers discovered a rare pigeon squid belonging to the Magnabinnidae family while exploring part of western Florida off the coast of the United States in the Gulf of Mexico.

The US National Maritime and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued this announcement. The trip is marked by a series of long-distance vehicle dives that took place from October 26th. The project was completed on November 15th.

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“Deep-sea explorers do not encounter pigeon squids on every dive (Magnapinna sp.) This is actually quite unusual; About a dozen views from around the world have been confirmed. So, it’s a pretty emotional moment when an adult pig’s squid was captured on camera during Windows Dive 10 for 2021 in the West Florida Escorts in the Gulf of Mexico, “NOAA wrote in a statement.

The excitement is justified by the fact that the Bigfin squid family has only been officially described by scientists for about 20 years.

Pickfin’s squid are widely distributed in the depths of the world’s ocean and can live deeper than any other known squid. While the discovered squid was at a depth of 2,385 meters, the current record for a pigeon squid is 4,735 meters above sea level.

“Currently, scientists have officially described three types of pigeon squid, but there may be more. With each view, we learn more about this amazing and indescribable animal, but there is still much to learn. There will be more opportunities to learn more about biology, behavior and more, ”NOAA said in a statement.

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