March 30, 2023

The government announces the start dates for national vaccination campaigns in 2023 – News

On Tuesday evening (31), the Ministry of Health issued the dates for vaccination campaigns against Covid, influenza and other diseases for the year 2023.

Actions are planned between February and May, which include several priority groups, as well as the immunization of children and adolescents with the vaccines that are part of the calendar.

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From February 27, the Ministry will release Pfizer updated booster dose application against Covid-19.

All people who have had at least two previous doses and are part of one of the following groups can be vaccinated:

• Individuals over 60 years of age.
• Pregnant women and postpartum women.
• Immunocompromised patients.
• people with disabilities;
• Residents of long stay institutions.
• Indigenous, river and quilombola peoples;
• Health professionals.

The government has purchased 52 million doses, according to the ministry, enough to vaccinate all Brazilians in the aforementioned groups.

In March, the government will focus on efforts to complete the vaccination schedule for everyone over 12 years of age against Covid-19, as well as ramping up the vaccination of children and adolescents.

For the latter group, mobilization is planned in the school community, from kindergarten to high school, with two weeks of orientation and outreach activities with students, parents and guardians.


Vaccination of priority influenza groups will begin in April for the following target audience:

• People over 60 years of age.
• Adolescents in social and educational measures.
• truck drivers;
• Children from 6 months to 4 years old.
• Armed forces;
• Security and rescue forces.
• Pregnant women and postpartum women.
• people with disabilities;
• People with comorbidities.
• Populations deprived of their liberty.
• Indigenous, river and quilombola peoples;
• Teachers and professors.
• Public transportation professionals.
Port professionals.
• Professionals from the regime of deprivation of liberty.
• Female and male health workers.

Multiple vaccinations

In May, it will be the turn of the multiple vaccination campaign against measles and polio in schools. As with the Covid-19 measure, there will be orientation and mobilization activities.

“Brazil, which is a leading country in vaccination campaigns, has been showing setbacks in this field since 2016. Practically all vaccination coverage is below the target. Therefore, the goal is to resume the high percentages of protection,” says the Ministry of Health in a statement.

For example, polio vaccination coverage was less than 75% in 2022.

Adds the Minister for Health and Environment Control, Ethel Maciel, in a note.