The government caquiste favoured by the media, according to a member of the parti québecois

Le gouvernement caquiste avantagé par les médias, selon une députée péquiste

SAINTE-AGATHE-DES-MONTS – The government caquiste enjoys preferential treatment currently in the media compared to the Parti québécois (PQ).

It is the opinion of the member of the parti québecois de Duplessis (North Shore), Lorraine Richard.

Her colleagues and she are together for two days in a hotel of Sainte-Agathe to prepare the parliament is back in session and attempt to rebuild the party after the historic defeat it suffered in October last year, from 28 to 10 seats.

In a press briefing Thursday morning, Mrs. Richard, known for his outspokenness, has said that the PQ is not “in denial” and will be able to bounce back. Pressed to questions as to whether it will be necessary to change the program and what could have been done differently during the last campaign, she lamented unfair treatment in the media.

“You’re going to maybe cut it to the assembly, she launched to the journalists. Be a little lenient with the PQ as much as you are with the Coalition avenir Québec since they came to power. It is a honeymoon, it is normal, she has made some mistakes, it dropped. Is it that you grapple with every day?”

His colleague member of parliament for Bonaventure, Sylvain Roy, has been much more careful, réprouvant even such a discharge.

“Usually, this is not a very good idea to evaluate publicly before the media, the work of the media, he said in a media scrum. I don’t intend to shoot rocks at anyone.”

Defeat that “done badly, very badly”

According to it, the PQ, however, has always been an “appeal to the media” because he has always been “in a sphere of influence of chicane”, but it is no longer there.

“It was the finding of a defeat that we did wrong, very wrong, she confessed. We are going to rebuild, I think that we are capable of doing that.”

The day before, the interim leader, Pascal Bérubé, had not wanted to go back on the mistakes made by his party during the latest debacle in the election, even if the balance sheet has apparently been drawn up.

Sylvain Roy has referred to a number of factors, historical context, taste change. But when asked if the strategy of the former head of the parti québecois Jean-François Lisée to tackle head-on in a televised debate co-spokesperson for QS, Manon Massé, his response was laconic.

“Jean-François, it was our chief, I respected his strategy and the result is there,” he suggested.

For its part, Ms. Richard has taken a metaphor medical: she said that it was first necessary to make a diagnosis on the patient and then there are several possible treatments.

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