The government is more willing to discuss with the trade unions, said the FTQ

Le gouvernement plus disposé à discuter avec les syndicats, dit la FTQ

MONTREAL — If the government Legault has been campaigning for the hammering he would not govern for the major lobbies, including the trade unions, the Federation of workers of Quebec (FTQ) considers that the caquistes are much more open to discuss with them the liberals.

“To date, we have a listen, contrary to what one might think. We thought we would go into battle tomorrow morning, but to date, it has a good reception on the part of the government. The government wants to talk to us,” stressed the president of the FTQ Daniel Boyer.

“With the liberals, there was less discussion. They were less open to social dialogue. They made their decisions and they put us in front of the accomplished fact”, added the secretary-general of the FTQ, Serge Cadieux.

During a press conference held Sunday in Montreal, Sunday morning, MESSRS. Boyer and Cadieux made the point about the priorities of the central association for the coming year.

At the end of meetings with the prime minister, François Legault, and several of his ministers, the FTQ has been encouraged on several of its projects, notably on the terms of disparity of treatment, and updating of the plan on the health and safety at work. The CAQ would have ensured that there were folders of a priority for them.

Mr. Boyer admitted that the government was still in a period of “honeymoon”, but he wants to leave the chance to the rider for the moment.

“It was an important word to say and we will continue to say it. We wish to say to roundtable discussions, where we will advance issues instead of standing in the street. And if it is necessary to do it standing in the street, we’re going to do”, has he supported.

Cape on the environment

In its other priorities of the year, the fonds de solidarité FTQ has the intention to put pressure on the QSL for it to undertake a real energy transition, but by accompanying the workers.

Mr. Cadieux said that the employees of some sectors pollutants, including refineries and the cement, were aware that their employment will not exist perhaps more in 25 years. And according to him, they are ready to begin this turn with the help of the government.

“Our people are aware that it’s going to happen, and then they don’t want to be told a week before: “Listen, it was decided that we close the “shop” because they are more able to sell our business; it emits too much greenhouse gas””, a-t-he explained.

“We know that it’s going to happen. If it’s going to happen in two years, three years, four years, five years, and it is here that we must be concerned.”

According to him, the Québec city can maintain jobs by developing new industries more green, and by changing the processes so that they are less polluting.

“We know that we must go towards transportation electrification. Why not build cars to electric here in Quebec?”, he suggested.

Federal elections

The FTQ also intends to challenge federal political parties, which should fall in the election campaign in the fall. It intends to discuss with the parties of the environment, but also for employment insurance.

According to the FTQ, the liberals have a little bit improved the employment insurance plan, but there are still many problems, especially for seasonal workers.

“It takes a comprehensive approach to reform. The world of work is transformed and the Act on employment insurance is no longer appropriate”, said Mr. Cadieux.

According to figures from the central trade union, less than 50 percent of workers who lose their jobs qualify to receive employment insurance benefits.

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