The government Legault goes ahead with the gun registry

Le gouvernement Legault va de l’avant avec le registre des armes à feu

The government Legault has no intention of yielding to the pressures of those who boycotted the new registry quebec firearms. Fines will apply from 29th January to the owners of the weapons were not registered.

“We support the register, it is clear”, says Jean-François Del Torchio, director of communications for the minister of public Safety Geneviève Guilbault.

There are still two weeks to all owners of weapons to register with the Service registration of firearms in Quebec (FAIS). After this period, “the law will be applied”, warns Mr Del Torchio.

These are the police officers, in the normal exercise of their functions, which will check if a firearm is registered. If it is not, the offender is subject to fines ranging between $ 500 to $ 5000.

Up to now, the Coalition avenir Quebec (CAQ) had not positioned itself clearly on how it will deal with the gun registry, in place for almost a year by the liberal government of Philippe Couillard. Before the Holidays, the minister Guilbault has been cautious and preferred to raise the awareness of hunters and other gun owners to the importance of register, rather than talk about repression.

Even if the issue is a sensitive one in the party, — seven caquistes had voted against the establishment of the register 2016 — the future of the registration system will not be part of the discussions in the caucus présessionnel expected to Gatineau at the end of January. “There is no question of it,” says Mr. Del Torchio.


Even if less than a quarter of the firearms in circulation in Québec are recorded at this time, the office of the minister Guilbault is still confident that the citizens who have waited to the last minute will eventually comply with the law. “We see a progression in the level of registrations during the last few days. It is free and quick. We encourage people to register,” said Mr. Del Torchio.

Since the 9th of January, between 1500 and 3000 new weapons are registered in the register each day. A slight increase, but constant, bringing the total number of entries to 317 850 on 13 January, says the department of public Safety. The government estimated that 1.6 million the number of firearms in circulation in Quebec.

“The number of visits to the website has tripled, while the number of calls that are related to the registry has doubled”, says about it Louise Quintin, publicist in the ministry.

A crash has disrupted the system for an hour on Sunday, due to the high traffic, but since the “patches have been applied”, said Ms. Quintin. Some citizens also complained about the waiting time on the telephone line when they want to get help.

An advertising campaign is still in progress on the radio to encourage citizens to register.

Grouping All against a registry quebec firearms launches for the past several months calls for a boycott of the FAIS hoping that it falls or is difficult to be applied by the government.

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