The Governors had mine low

Les Gouverneurs avaient la mine basse

The Governors of Massey-Vanier have bled a tie that had serious looks of defeat on Wednesday night at the arena Jacques-Chagnon, school class of the 45th national Tournament of hockey pee-wee de Waterloo.

The Governors, who come to win the Tournament pee-wee Ste-Foy/Sillery, made a 2-2 draw with the snowy owls of the école secondaire du Triolet. The people of Sherbrooke have tied it with under a minute to go in the third period.

The disappointment was so great in the camp cowansvillois that Benoit Roy, who had teamed with Marc Lapointe behind the bench in the absence of Patrick Bergeron (gone with the Inouk at Saint-Jérôme), said quite naturally to the view of the journalist : “It’s not complicated, the team that worked the strongest won.” This is to tell you…

“You must give credit to the snowy owls, which have been manicured in defensive and which, I repeat, have worked harder than us, said Roy, of Waterloo. We were here tonight to win and it was cancelled. It is true that it is like a defeat… “

All the more that the Governors had won victories at 12-1 and 5-1 in the face of snowy owls earlier this season in the first division of the class and is the youngest of the réseau du sport étudiant du Québec.

“After having triumphed in the tournament of Sainte-Foy/Sillery, it was to be expected that there is certain decrease in the emotion tonight,” returned Roy. But we are at home to Waterloo and it was expected to be better as a result. “

Christopher McKelvey and Julien Roy scored of Governors. Mérick Desharnais and Justin Létourneau, with the tying goal, have recorded those snowy owls.

The Governors have a record of 15 wins, two defeats and four draws in regular season and 24-2-5 including tournaments. First in Quebec, they are landed at Waterloo as favorites.

Friday evening, the Governors will measure the Titan of the Divine Word in the context of a match that promises. The Granbyens have defeated the snowy owls 3-2 on Monday night.

Victory of Valois, the defeat of the Husky

In class B, earlier in the evening, the Valois Acton Vale have shut out the Jets Farnham 7-0 while the Husky de Cowansville, him, lost 3-0 against the Phoenix of Sherbrooke.

Malik James has made the rain and the good weather with a harvest of four goals and two assists in the victory of the Valois.

Five other games will be presented at the arena Jacques-Chagnon Thursday, this time from 15: 30. In class B, the Maroons of Waterloo/Valcourt compete against the Husky, while the Jets will intersect the iron with the Phoenix.

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