March 31, 2023
The greenback retreated at a high and closed at R$5,402 after the morning shooting

The greenback retreated at a high and closed at R$5,402 after the morning shooting

a commercial dollar It rose 0.37% and ended Thursday (17) quoted at R$5.402, one day after the formation of the elected government. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (English) Proposal Leave out spending cap expenditures like Brazil’s aidIn addition to Lola’s statements On the reaction of the markets🇧🇷

In the morning, at 9:07 am (Brasilia time), The US currency is set at 5.52 Brazilian reals🇧🇷 At 3:10 pm, the dollar was up 1.35%, quoted at R$5.455.

Already ibovespathe main index for Stock trading brazilian (B 3), which brings together the most heavily traded companies, ended the session down by 0.49%, at 109,702.78 points. The trading volume amounted to 42,204,539,460 Brazilian reals.

Today, Lula has returned to defending the spending cap loophole as a “social responsibility” measure to fund aid programs. “If I say so,” said the president-elect, “will the stock market go down, will the dollar go up? Patience.”

For Albetista, the fluctuation of economic indicators does not happen “at the expense of serious people, but because of the speculators who speculate every day.”

We have to achieve a goal inflation, yes. But we must have a target for growth. We have to have some commitment to growth, to job creation, and if not, how are you going to distribute the wealth? We have to ensure that we raise the minimum wage above inflation.
Lula’s speech at COP27 raised the mood of investors

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transition pec

The PEC transition, which increases the space for public spending in 2023, continues to cause caution in markets amid uncertainty about the amount of additional cap that will be included in the provision. On Tuesday, economist Percio Arida, who is part of President-elect Lula’s transition team, said he is against appropriating extraordinary expenditures such as Brazil aid to the spending cap rule, but fiscal agents feared it would be an overvote.

Guide Investimentos strategists said in a note to clients, who also highlighted anxiety Investors are in the midst of “suspense over the composition of the Esplanada dos Ministérios in Lula’s next government”.

Rumors about the possible appointment of a more conservative and traditional name to head the Finance Ministry usually cheer up the markets, while news in the opposite direction, possibly more inclined to increase public spending, sends Brazilian assets lower overall.

The financial agents are also watching Lula’s participation in COP27, the UN climate summit held in Egypt. The president-elect said on Wednesday that Brazil has returned to the global fight against climate change.