January 29, 2023
The group asks to name Trans Ambulatory after a psychologist and teacher from Poços - ONDA POÇOS

The group asks to name Trans Ambulatory after a psychologist and teacher from Poços – ONDA POÇOS

A public petition is being carried out in Poços de Caldas for the Reference Center for Trans-Quality Care, known as the Ambulatório Trans, to be named after Celso Battelli.

The petition, organized by the TranspareSer group, which aims to help, clarify and support transgender and transgender people in Poços and the region, asks City Hall, through the Municipal Health Department, to name Celso Patelli for the space, which recently opened in the city with his efforts and dreams who passed away on February 19 .

Celso Battelli has been a huge advocate for the rights of transgender, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBTQIA+), and through his work as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, he was actively involved in the creation and installation of the Transspecific Care Reference Center, also known as the Ambulatório Trans, in Poços de Caldas. Once the place was opened, Celso died, and was ultimately unable to carry out what he had dreamed of,” the letter explains.

In this way, the members of the group, established by Celso Battelli a few years ago, consider it significant that the Trans-Ambulatory in the city, which since it has been in operation, has served dozens of people, revealing the current demand in the city.

Within hours of publishing the petition, he had already garnered nearly 300 signatures. The group has not set a target, but is aware that the more people sign, the greater Celso’s expression and the need for Trans Ambulatory for the municipality.

“With this, we also reaffirm how important the presence and continuity of the Trans Ambulatory is to the city,” they add.

Who is Celso Battelli?

Celso Battelli has worked in the field of social psychology, as a psychologist in the municipal social promotion department, having also worked in the coordination of CRAS and the POP Center. He was a Professor in the Psychology and Law course at Faculdade Pitágoras, a consultant to the Children and Adolescent Rights Council and a psychoanalyst at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies and Education (NEPE).

He has made a significant contribution to the defense of the rights of the LGBTQAI+ population in the sense of offering more dignity to those socially vulnerable, by creating a public policy specific to transformative care that restores them to the status of citizens. In this sense, we highlight her struggle for the recent establishment of the Reference Center for Special Care (CRCT), in the municipality of Poços de Caldas, with special care protocols for transgender people based on the training of the various partner sectors of the network to provide, in addition to services, procedures and health education activities, with symbolic gain for people. On duty is a multidisciplinary team comprising a psychologist, social worker, physician, physical educator, nurse, nutritionist, and trainee psychologist.

What is Trans Ambulatory?

The Poços de Caldas City Council, in the last week of January – when Trans Visibility Day is celebrated – announced the operation of the Ambulatory in the city.

On the date, the municipality emphasized that it recognized the need for specific and exclusive care for transgender people and stated that the protocol provided for the flow of care for transgender people in existing health facilities, as well as the establishment of an outpatient clinic in a new reference service that promoted specialized care, such as hormonal therapy and psychotherapy and encouraged training The various partner sectors of the network.

Currently, the service is still in the stage of regulation, but is already fully operational from Monday to Friday, from 1 pm to 6 pm, at Rua Araguaia, No. 259 – Jardim dos Estados.

The service is open doors or a referral from the basic health unit.

The clinic has a multidisciplinary team comprising of a psychologist, social worker, physician, physical educator, nurse, nutritionist, and trainee in psychology.

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