May 30, 2023
The health plan will rise with a new nursing floor.  Prepare your pocket!

The health plan will rise with a new nursing floor. Prepare your pocket!

Hospital associations and health plans met with ANS (National Agency for Complementary Health) to inform the agency this week that the new nursing floor law will generate a cost shift in the sector, with potential impact on the end consumer.

According to the representatives of the entities that participated in the meeting, there is no allocated budget to absorb these costs. With this, transfer to operators and consumers will be inevitable, according to them.

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Based on the calculations that led to the ANS, the estimate is that the impact will be R$16 billion in both the public and private sectors.

The law, passed by Bolsonaro this month, sets a minimum wage of R$4,750 for nurses. Nursing technicians should receive 70% of this amount. Assistants and midwives earn 50%.

Paolo Rebelo, ANS’ director general, also expressed concern about the scenario, according to the agency.

The regulator says: “The impact that the sector may have is also of concern if PL 2033, which deals with the list of health actions and events, is approved by the Senate in the manner approved by the House of Representatives.” in a note.

says Marcus Ottoni, legal director of CNSaúde (National Federation of Health), one of the entities that took part in the meeting with the ANS.