July 25, 2024

The “honest” Codette was killed in Atlético after losing to Libertad – Kylin Cristina

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The “honest” Codette was killed in Atlético after losing to Libertad – Kylin Cristina
The “honest” Codette was killed in Atlético after losing to Libertad – Kylin Cristina
Rarely has anyone seen such a candid interview from a football coach after a match like Eduardo Codete, after Atlético’s defeat by Libertad, in the Copa Libertadores.

It was a direct message to the Alvinegro fan.

With clubs increasingly closed to the press, the Argentine took advantage of the post-match press conference to expose what was happening, inside the hall, at Cidade do Gallo.

Long ago, that discontent that exploded today would have been noticed by reporters, back in the day when we could have attended the teams’ CTs. This shielding, which has been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic – which has forced isolation – has suited many clubs, who like to keep what’s going on in their gut a secret.

Codit even brought up the issue after the match at Mineirao. He emphasized that this was the first time he had spoken to the press this week, and he was not holding his tongue.

He revealed chiefly his dissatisfaction with the distance between the project submitted at the time of his appointment and what was actually handed over to him by the sponsors who ran the club, in a management more interested in wiping the paper than in investing.

In a wave of “honest killing”, the Argentine put the “contract on the table”, highlighting the information that he had asked to add a termination clause to his contract.

Without worrying about being a politician or passing clothes, he took his share of responsibility for the team’s infractions at the start of the year, but he also accused those who decide fate at Atlético.

Nothing more. The scale should tilt in both directions.

Perhaps Coudet’s only slip-up in the interview was a certain part left to the crowd. He felt bad about being booed—a legitimate medium, which shouldn’t hurt an experienced professional like a coach.

Afterwards, he complained, quite rightly, about a glass of beer thrown at him – a very unfortunate and condemnable attitude, in regard to the football that Atlético had put up in the defeat against Libertad.

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