May 31, 2023
The image spreads quickly when it appears to the audience in a banquet hall, ignoring the show: 'Disrespectful', says photographer |  2022 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The image spreads quickly when it appears to the audience in a banquet hall, ignoring the show: ‘Disrespectful’, says photographer | 2022 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

A few days after the end of Carnival Rio de JaneiroA photo spread on social media. Record provided by the photographer Felipe Silva،, shown to the public in one of the Sapucaí cabins Portilla On Avenida, at the Parade of Heroes, last Saturday (30). Fifth place this year, Azul e Branca de Madureira was the second to come out on a festive night.

The photo, posted by the Band’s Setor 1 column, shows part of the fourth float From school, the biggest hero of the Carioca Carnival. The symbol, “Travessia,” represents the voyage of enslaved aboard slave ships across the Atlantic.

In the foreground is the head of a man trapped by his neck. In the background, about 50 people in the box, almost all of them white, are enjoying themselves without even looking at the show.

“I wanted to take the photo to compare the elite with the car of the slave ship. Later, when I got home, I saw that no one was looking. There are several messages in the same photo. It is not only the cabin problem, there is also a lack of respect for our culture,” commented Philip Silva.

Reveal the author of the image for g 1 That the motive for taking the photo was not exactly the indifference of the audience in the VIP space. According to Felipe, the idea to take the photo came about because the loud sound of the box was disturbing the school’s passage – a frequent criticism during this year’s Carnival. (See what Liesa says about this complaint).

“This was my first carnival in Rio, and everything really amazed me. Portilla I walked in, the sound of the box was at odds with the school’s samba. I stopped to see what was going on and saw that the people in the box were enjoying the show and didn’t care,” said Felipe.

Specializing in São Paulo’s carnival, Felipe Silva was at the Marquês de Sapucaí for the first time. In the opinion of the photographer, the parade of any school should be treated as a major attraction and should not compete with other music.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was disrespectful. I think that, at least, when the school enters the street, they should stop the sound in the boxes. This is an attitude of respect for the work of those who make the carnival, out of respect for the samba schools. I learned that we must respect the pavilion.” There, people did not respect the art of the Carnival of the Carioca.”

Even with the chest issue, Felipe remains a Carnival fan Rio de Janeiro. For him, the energy of people singing and having fun, especially in the stands, is something “surreal”.

“The carnival in Rio is surreal. There is no comparison. People sing all the samba and school anthems. I was in the stands, in Sector 3, and the energy was incredible. I was playing certanejo and in the stands everyone was excited singing samba for the school. It’s another energy,” Felipe added.

The jurors also complain about the loudness

The show judges also noted the loud sound of carnival boxes. One criticism appeared in Observe the justification for the observations.

Lots of sound leaking from the cabins into the boulevard (in front of Units 1 and 2) as schools passed. The drum judge wrote: disrespect for show and could even get in the way of judges in the musical part. Philip Galdino In their closing remarks.

Juror’s note about the audio leak: It’s getting in the way – Photo: Reproduction

Really percussionist Mila Schiavowho also judges the drums, drew attention to the connected sound in the Mangueira lane and Portilla.

Watch Judge Mila Schiavo: Play Audio – Photo: Reproduction

The number of people unrelated to the show in Sapucaí, between one show and another, has also drawn attention, hampering the clean-up of the track for the next school pass.

In the record recorded by the website Rádio Arquibancada, which specializes in covering the carnival, it is possible to see a large number of people in square T-shirts, in the height of sector 6, and a school already in the background entering Sapucaí.

“This is Sapucaí between shows. Disrespectful? Too much! The dance floor is sacred and is dedicated to the samba dancers who have worked and rehearsed all year on the show,” commented the carnival blogger. Dam Menezes in one of the records.

Sapucaí snapped with school entry in the background – Photo: Reproduction / Radio Arquibancada

In the same position, wing manager Naldo Houston Vent: “This number of people roaming freely on the dance floor at the time of school marches impedes the progress and work of professionals in the school…I was having problems crossing and organizing piano performances in São Clemente.”

Gabriel DavidLiesa, director of marketing, commented on some of the controversies surrounding this year’s party in Stories on his Instagram profile.

“Some serious controversies such as the question of cabins and sound, This is very dangerous. We were warned during the moment that this was happening, but it took a while. What do I promise you? More effective and painful finesHe said of the deliberations for 2023, not only for the Hall issue but for others who are very serious as well.”

Track taken by people who are not protesters – Photo: Reproduction / Radio Arquibancada