January 28, 2023
The Indian has a serious case of "black hairy tongue";  Understanding the problem - 12/03/2022

The Indian has a serious case of “black hairy tongue”; Understanding the problem – 12/03/2022

A 50-year-old man was treated for Trust Medical Hospital, In India, with an advanced stage of black hairy tongue. The disease makes this part of the body appear full of hair.

According to the American Academy of Oral Medicine, the condition is not very rare and affects about 13% of the population. However, the Indian case, I mentioned in a published article in the scientific journal dermatology juma, It drew attention due to its seriousness.

You Doctors wrote that the patient had a thick black coating of saber (a colony of bacteria that forms on the tongue), with yellow spots in the middle and back of the tongue. In addition, the tissues on the surface of the tongue contain smooth, long black fibers that give the impression of hair. (At the end of this post, we reproduce the tweet with a picture of the patient’s tongue, which may be annoying to some people).

What causes hairy tongue

The American Academy of Oral Medicine explains that our tongue is covered with filiform papillae, which are cone-shaped bumps about 1 mm long. These papillae are pink, and due to stimulation and wear (caused by food or tongue cleaning), they shed and grow again all the time.

With no erosion, the papillae do not fall out and continue to grow. Lack of hygiene leads to the accumulation of bacteria and keratin, the same protein that makes up hair strands. In the long run, the composition makes the papillae become long (because they do not shed and accumulate keratin) and black (due to paint and food residues), giving the impression of hair on the tongue.

In addition to black, the hairy tongue can turn brown, white, yellow, and even green or pink, depending on the specific cause and factors associated with the problem, such as smoking, excessive intake of coffee, tea, and colored sweets.

In addition to changing color and hairy appearance, hairy tongue is born bad breath It has a metallic taste in the mouth but does not cause pain.

In the case of the Indian patient, he contracted brain attack (Stroke) Three months before the appearance of the hairy tongue. He was fed with liquids and purees (which don’t cause much wear on the tongue) and took various medications, which could also cause a mouth problem.

The Indian and his caregivers were instructed to perform proper oral hygiene and the problem was resolved after 20 days. Brushing your teeth and tongue after every meal is the main way to treat (and prevent) the problem. Depending on the situation, you may also be advised to stop smoking and reduce consumption of certain foods, such as coffee, tea and sweets.

Below we reproduce a post on Twitter with a picture of the Indian patient’s tongue, which may be disturbing to some people. Don’t continue if you don’t want to see it.