The Inouk bow down to the Titan

Les Inouk s’inclinent devant le Titan

Deprived of several elements, the Inouk were faced with an imposing challenge on Sunday afternoon. The premises have pushed the Titan de Princeville in his last entrenchments, but they have finally had to bow 3-2 in a match involving two of the best teams in the League hockey junior AAA du Québec.

Matthew Newbury has made all the difference in the beginning of the third period, when he completed a nice sequence started by William Bergeron and Joakim Paradise.

The Inouk have then tried to create equality, but the veteran Mathieu Bellemare (45 saves) held the fort in front of the cage of the Titan.

“It doesn’t concern me too much, because we had a lot of opportunities. It simply has not been able to score at the right time, ” commented head coach and general manager of Inouk, Patrice Bosch.

“Some people think that a goal should have been given to Simon Lavoie [editor’s NOTE : during the third twenty]. But the referees saw things differently. “

Bosch, however, has pointed out the work of special units granbyennes. “Our disadvantage digital has allowed two goals, while our power play has scored none. It is certain that it makes a difference. “

Félip Bourdeau and Anthony Chicoine (which celebrated its 20th anniversary), have donned the two goals of Inouk in the second period.

For once, William Leblanc, and Louis-Philippe Denis have been whitewashed. “Hockey is a team sport. At certain times, other players must take up the slack and do more, ” repeated the Bosch.

In the absence of Nicolas Roy (injured ankle) and Raphaël Bouchard (party trip), the coach of Inouk has had to use several defenders natural attack. Bosch has even chosen to send three back on the second wave of the power play !

Marc-Olivier Lantin-Goudreau was the other scorer in Princeville, before being expelled at the end of a fight against Nathan Martel.

Return to her usual post, Marc-Antoine Dufour has made 37 stops for the Inouk.

Thanks to its first victory in three games against Granby (4th) this season, Princeville (2nd) has widened the gap between the two clubs, which is now five points.

Granby is flirting with disaster

As one would expect between two teams who aspire to great honors, the Sunday game was rather physical, and even punctuated by a few blows, sneaky.

The Inouk have close to disaster at the end of the second period.

William Leblanc was shot in the face by the stick of his opponent Raphael Gagnon (punished four times in this game), a move that has provoked strong reactions from the seating local.

“I had a lot of blood in the eye, I couldn’t see anything. So I went back to the bench as quickly as possible. I admit that it scared me a little. But fortunately, more fear than harm, ” said the best pointer of the LHJAAAQ, which had a major cut at the level of the brow after the meeting.

The tension has actually dropped a notch when Leblanc returned, equipped with a visor complete for the start of the third round.

In Inouk, many people are of the opinion that Will The Thrill should be more protected by the referees, whereas its opponents are sometimes the terminals in order to neutralize it.

The next week was going to be difficult for the Inouk, who will face the other three in the top-5 in the LHJAAAQ : Saint-Jérôme (Wednesday), Longueuil (Friday) and Terrebonne (Sunday). Only the match of Friday will be played at home.

“This week, we are going to have to play the hockey series. We are going to see what’s in our locker room… “, slipped by Bosch.

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