The Inouk whiten Cobras

Les Inouk blanchissent les Cobras

Even if their chances of winning the championship on the regular calendar are very thin, the Inouk have registered a victory that brought great good to the morale of the troops, Tuesday night.

In Terrebonne, the Inouk have shut out the Cobras, the team no. 1 of the junior hockey League AAA du Québec by a score of 3-0. Last Thursday, the players of Robert Dubuc had won 4-2 at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin.

“It is a two points of character, explained Patrice Bosch. They had beaten us there are less than a week with us and then we come back and offer our best collective performance of the season. I am very happy. “

The Inouk, continued Bosch, have played their game, and they are thus enabled to decide their fate.

“Tonight, we asked the guys to be attentive to certain details in particular. They executed, they were super well done. “

Bosch has praised the work of Marc-Antoine Dufour, who has blocked 37 shots and recorded his fifth shutout of the season.

“Marc-Antoine has been more than good. But we must not forget the work of our shorthanded (four in four), which was excellent. Dufour and our shorthanded deserve big applause. “

Louis-Philippe Denis, Laurent Minville and Anthony Chicoine, empty net, scored for the purposes of Inouk, who shot 44 times on Samuel Gagnon.

No, William Leblanc has not beaten the record of Érik Longtin. He got a pass, but it hasn’t registered the famous 56th goal that will allow him to erase the mark Longtin, carried out in 2014-2015. It does not remain to him more than four games to become the best scorer to life Inouk in a season.

Thanks to this victory, the Inouk (32-11-1) were ahead of the Titan de Princeville in third place of the ranking of the LHJAAAQ. And they are approached to within two points of the French College of Longueuil, the second, and five of the Cobras. The Granbyens have however played a match more than and Longueuil Princeville.

The Inouk will be in Montreal North on Friday.

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