May 28, 2023

The iPhone 14 feature provides three students in Utah, USA

Three Brigham Young University students, Stephen Watts, Bridger Woods and Jeremy Mumford, share a common hobby: adventure through the mountains. But on one of these adventures, the young men experienced a moment of stress and danger when they were trapped in the deep waters.

Fortunately, their salvation fits in the palm of your hand. That’s right, because with the Apple iPhone 14 the trio managed to save themselves.

As rude an advertisement as this may sound, it was an actual experiment that students did in mid-April.

In that sense, the students were in the mountains in Utah when they got trapped in the deep, icy waters of the San Rafael Suil District. The trio spent hours trapped in this place, unable to contact anyone, as the place was far away and there was no signal. Unfortunately, the little ones ended up suffering from hypothermia.

How did iPhone 14 save students’ lives?

Image: Apple/Playback

In an interview with local television station KUTV, Mumford revealed the following:

“I went into hypothermia and started panicking and freezing. My teammates saw me and were very worried.”

“It got to the point where we couldn’t get him out, and they couldn’t get me out either. We kept Jeremy on top of the rap, hanging free in this hole, and that’s when we realized we were trapped.”Bridger Woods noted.

Faced with this desperate situation, Stephen Watts recalled a feature on the iPhone called Emergency SOS, which works via satellite.

From there, it was possible to contact the local authorities via text messages and sharing of location.

The valley was about 500 meters deep with steep rock walls. Every 20 minutes a satellite lined up where we were in the valley and by holding the phone we were able to get a signal. With her, we sent messages to 911 in Emery County,” Mumford said.

A short time later, paramedics arrived at the scene and rescued the young men.

“I’ll be honest: I immediately cried when I saw the chopper over there, and they said, ‘Hey, let’s see it'”Woods said.

“I have so much gratitude for them and wish I had met them under different circumstances they all seem like great people but again just a huge thank you”added the student.

Unfortunately, this functionality is limited to the iPhone 14. However, we expect it to multiply.