September 25, 2022
The iPhone 14 will come without a chip case in the US;  can i buy?

The iPhone 14 will come without a chip case in the US; can i buy?

rumors Got it right again: a An apple kill the SIM card tray Physicists in iPhone 14And the announced today. Now, Apple devices will only work with the default chip, and is yes. However, this drastic change will only happen in United Statewhile in other parts of the world (including Brazil), the tray will remain on devices.

So, if you are thinking of buying your new Apple device abroad, you may be wondering if it will work normally here Brazil – We came to answer your question.

American hardware It was really different The version that has been sold here in Brazil since the iPhone 12. There, the models sold have a cutout on the side due to the 5G mmWave antenna, which provides faster Internet, but with a smaller range. This means that the absence of stairs will be a minor detail.

Since the eSIM is already a reality in Brazil, an American device can be used normally. However, what can happen is that you have a bit of a headache to be able to get a virtual chip in the Brazilian operators. The process can be tedious, as each step has different steps to carry out the conversion to an eSIM – and a lot of the customer asks to go to a physical store, which is completely out of proportion to the idea of ​​owning a virtual SIM.

Transfer Bluetooth eSIM in iOS 16

The eSIM arrived on Apple devices in 2018, on the iPhone XR and XS, and the benefits are numerous. with him You can use more than one number (Two SIM cards, which will continue to work with two eSIMs), making life a lot easier for those who travel internationally. And since there is no physical chip, the eSIM makes locating the device faster and easier in case of loss or theft. We can’t forget, of course, that the lack of a tray prevents liquids from entering the device more easily, too.

The great thing about this type of technology is that whenever you change your device, you will necessarily need to go to your carrier’s store to enable your eSIM on your new smartphone – as opposed to a physical device, which you removed from one device and placed in another.

The good news is that iOS 16 will provide an option (pictured above) that will make this process easier. The feature will allow you to transfer the eSIM between different iPhones via Bluetooth. However, it remains to be seen if the functionality will be available in Brazilian operators (let’s pray).

The conclusion is: go ahead and buy the US iPhone 14 without fear that you will be happy! 😉