The iPhone camera XS Max struck filmmaker

Камера iPhone XS Max вразила кінорежисера

The video capabilities of the new iPhone XS Max impress
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Filmmaker Richard Leckie, known for the films “Dry spell” and “Brown-red dawn”, tested the camera of the new iPhone XS Max.

According to him, Apple managed to achieve such a good result, that there is no need to use third-party software with manual settings. It took a demonstration of the capabilities of a smartphone and talked in detail about their experiences.

“Apple, you swept me off my feet when I was trying to figure out what sorcery you have resorted to this phone. The iPhone camera Max XS, XS and XR are shooting images that exceed the sum of the parts. And although it was only a year “S” model, one should not underestimate the significance and impact of the work performed by Apple for complex image processing in real time. With the iPhone XS Max I was able to record clear videos in very low lighting. It was not only noise-free, but with a lot of color information in dark parts of the image than the previous generation iPhone, which I had to remove” – said Richard Leckie.

“Judging by the behavior of the camera in bright and normal lighting, it seems that the brightness value is not determined by a fixed ISO or gamma-conversion, as it would be in the case of traditional cameras. There’s something else. Something dynamic that changes according to certain combination of variables related to scene analysis in real-time. It can even do some local adjustments to different parts of the image that would be extremely impressive if it really works”, – said the Director.

Probably Richard Leckie was struck by the work of Smart HDR mode which appeared in the new iPhone models. He makes a lot of shots to “pull” the maximum amount of information from dark and bright areas of the frame. Also, the filmmaker was amazed at how the smartphone gets rid of the noise in the picture. He believes that this option is applied to certain parts of photos where it’s needed, and not to the entire frame as a whole.

The filmmaker admits that the iPhone camera XS Max is able to better correct to set the settings than if he were doing it manually.


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