March 30, 2023

The IR exemption covers fewer taxpayers in 2023; Are you on the list?

push the Income tax Personal Income Tax (IRPF) every year is an obligation of millions of taxpayers living in Brazil. However, many people will leave the list that guarantees Exemption For the group in 2023, the reason is that there is no update on its schedule.

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The last correction in the range exempting Brazilians from paying the tax occurred in 2015. Since then, every time it has been less pay increases, more people lose the benefit and have to start paying.

Income tax schedule

This year, everyone earning more than R$1,903.98 will have to declare income tax. The applicable rate depends on the income bracket in which the taxpayer falls, check the table:

  • Income from R$ 1903.99 to R$ 2826.65 – rate of 7.5%;
  • Income from R$ 2826.66 to R$ 3751.05 at a rate of 15%;
  • Income from R$3,751.06 to R$4,664.68 at a rate of 22.5%;
  • Income above R$4,664.68 – rate of 27.5%.

If the values ​​are updated based on a file inflation accumulated since the last amendment, all citizens whose income reaches R$4,464.83 will be exempt from the tax. The number of recipients will increase from 8.7 to 27.9 million, according to Unafisco Nacional (National Association of Tax Auditors of Federal Revenue in Brazil).

Exemption for those earning up to R$5,000

The Promise Infrared table repair It was not achieved by former President Jair Bolsonaro during his four years in office. Now, President Lula wants to ensure that those who earn up to R$5,000 can benefit from the exemption.

According to the Minister of Labor, Louise Marinho, this will be done gradually. When Lula talked about increasing the exemption range to R$5,000, he didn’t talk about doing it right away; Policy is recovering to reach this level. Therefore, you must establish a permanent policy, as you did with the minimum wage.

The plan is for the income tax adjustment to go hand in hand with raising the minimum wage, which would be possible with tax reform. The idea is to build while looking at the fiscal space so as not to impact inflation. He added that President Lula is committed to building and establishing a graduate school to recover.