December 6, 2023

The journalist reveals the values ​​that Fluminense will receive in the next three editions of Carioca

The minimum amount that Fluminense is entitled to receive in the next three years is close to R$50 million (Photo: Maílson Santana/FFC)

the Fluminenseas well Flamingoin agreement with Brax, a company contracted by the Football Association of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FARAJ) to sell commercial space in Carioca Championshipfor three years on broadcast rights. in your profile at TwitterJournalist Cristian Pita of “Resenha de Primeira” revealed the amounts Tricolor will receive for the hit.

Like the competitor, Fluminense will get incremental increases in the minimum amount to be received. In 2023, the stake will be R$14 million. In 2024, it will increase to R$ 16 million. Finally, in 2025, it will reach R$19 million.

Flamengo, in turn, will, as previously reported by journalist Vinny Casagrande, receive R$21 million (2023), R$24 million (2024) and R$27 million (2025).

In this way, while Fluminense will receive at least R$49m in three years, the rival rubro-negro will get at least R$72m.

Basque And Botafogo They did not agree to sell their rights due to receiving less from Flamengo. However, according to Beta, there is a clause stating that if the two clubs enter into an agreement with the company, they cannot have values ​​that exceed those of Fluminense.

The matches in which Vasco and Botafogo will take home will be shown on Cazé TV. When they are Fluminense and Flamengo the options will be Band on open TV, Bandsports on closed TV and Ferj’s digital pay-per-view.

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