May 28, 2023

The journalist’s dawn broke out from Globo

Journalist Veruska Donato took advantage of Journalist’s Day, April 7, to vent against Rede Globo. Veruska has worked at the station for over 20 years, and was fired in 2021.

She hasn’t been on Globo’s recent channel, but she did post a text on her Instagram profile in support of her friends and criticizing the broadcaster. The television network fired many professionals from journalism, including those who had great careers.

Veruska, who currently presents the newspaper “Balanço da Manhã”, writes from TV Record, in Mato Grosso. The Big South. “It must be said here that there is no justification for what the Company has done. New Age? What time? We spend a good portion of our time in shifts away from our children and companions to serve the Company, as a legal entity we did not even have overtime.”

Earlier this year, the journalist sued the broadcaster, accumulating labor debts, and claiming she suffered ethical harassment related to her appearance. According to Verusca, she would have developed burnout syndrome.

“Is it from the game? Does this mean that it is part of the game that verbal or physical abuse is often done by viewers who are unhappy with the company’s press coverage?”, the presenter wondered. “They must mean that desiring more and more profits is part of the capitalist game? Nothing justifies a corporation closing accounts in blue-shooting without hesitation, I’m sorry liberals. Is it for the sake of more money? Public grant should be given more interest “.

The lawsuit against Globo has a value of R$13 million. In the document, Veruska stated that the journalists were accused in connection with their clothing and appearance. They had to wear “bank” clothes that did not show “firm bellies” or “big bellies”.

In 2021, prior to the journalist’s dismissal, the INSS finds that she is unable to continue working. Thus, Veruska was removed from the station for 77 days. Five days after returning to Globo, she was fired. The anchor ended her outburst by saying, “The press should be mourning.”