February 8, 2023

The judiciary will be able to give outside information to the house · TV news

the BBB 23 It will bring an unprecedented dynamic with the eliminated participants. For the first time in the show’s history, those who leave the reality show will be able to send a video with a message to someone who remains in the game. The whole house will know what external information the person decides to send.

According to an official note from Globo, the dynamic will happen on Elimination Day. Those chosen by the audience to leave reality will have a chance to open their mouths and say whatever they want.

A deleted video of the week will be recorded for someone who remains in discord. A person can give advice, tell embellished information, plant a lie to disable a competitor, and so on. The decision will only be known when the video is displayed on the screen in the room for all participants.

According to the Program Director, Rodrigo Dorado, the intention is to bring news to this season.

Doing things differently is the essence of BBB. This year, the season really kicked off in an unprecedented way, with a glass house broadcast before the opening of the brothers’ main house. From there, two of the participants who are going to join the 20 already selected leave. For the first time, the house receives 22 entrants in a single entry. There are many possibilities.

“All this is surrounded by the dynamics that we have created to heat the game, surprise the players and generate entertainment for the audience. The first week of the game will be packed with news that depends on the participation of the fans. People in the house will have a defining role from the beginning of BBB 23,” Dorado added.

In addition to the deleted video, other news is planned for BBB 23. The brothers, for example, will have a new power up. Joker power It will be a weekly feature. According to a statement from the broadcaster, prior to purchase, a different feature or play in the game will appear at the disposal of the trapped.

“There are several possibilities, but only one participant can have power. Within the sect, each bound person determines how many bets they are willing to pay to win the privilege. At the end of the bid, the result is announced to everyone,” Globo explained.

BBB trend 23 predicts interest will create a race to see who gets into the confession first to discover power, bluffing about the amount of bets awarded and conversations about bids.

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